Glitter. Wow, no small first topic. God, I love glitter. Always have.

Remember when you were little and you’d put the line of glue on the paper, dump on a crap ton of glitter and shake off the excess? Loved it.

Loved being a girl in dance recitals with a half pound of glittery bits in my hair.

Loved the glitter pens that wrote sappy diary entries and the glitter embedded jelly shoes that marched me through my preteens.

Love, love, love dusting myself with the glittery powder that makes it’s way to each and every “camp.”


Yeah, that’s right. I go to something called glitter camp. Regularly. Glitter camp is attended by six of my best girlfriends and we go away together about twice a year. For a run down of what happens at these events, please see this short film.

In fact, it was a fellow glitter camp attendee that suggested this subject. And it got me thinking about the topic of glitter. As much as I love the pure stuff – I mean, it’s made of fairy dust, for god’s sake! – it’s not what I consider the true meaning of glitter.

Glitter is the essence of what I have with those girls. True, unadulterated, unconditional love, trust, admiration, and good dose of sparkle – just like good glitter should.

Glitter is laughing till you – literally – pee a little at something they say.

Glitter is tenderly holding their hands when they have faces full of tears and gingerly saying, “Stop being a stupid bitch. He is a douchebag.”

Glitter is telling everyone in the bar that they just drunkenly fell off the sidewalk on the way in, but keeping the real secrets locked up in a fucking military-grade safe.

Glitter is having just as much fun together in socks and pjs with a pile of tater tots and cheap wine, as you do dancing on Bourbon Street at 4 am, wearing something too tight and too short and enough makeup to gain the admiration of nearby drag queens.

If you’re lucky in life, you have glitter. I know I do. If this made you think of some of your glitter, then text those twinkly souls. Tell them how they shine and how they make you glow. Hopefully, that text will spawn something inappropriate and hilarious in response. Because that’s how glitter works.

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