I always think that the most clever answer to the question, “if you had to eat only one food the rest of your life, what would it be,” is “SANDWICHES!”

You can put anything on or into a sandwich. The varieties are endless. Hence the little loop hole in the “only one food” question.

When it comes to sandwiches, there are only two rules, as far as I am concerned…

1)   You need to use the very best ingredients. I know that this is a cardinal rule of all food making, but it’s especially true with sandwiches. While elements within your sandwich may be cooked, the overall thing is just a combination of flavors and textures, so everything in it is a highlight and needs to be really high quality.

2)   This second rule is utterly essential. It needs to be fresh. Leftover sandwiches make me want to wretch. Thank god that the sous-chef is willing to eat day old sandwiches, because this girl just won’t do it. Most sandwiches that you get from the outside world are big enough to feed a small T-Rex. I can never finish one and am generally filled with guilt about it, because I.will.not eat it the next day. Soggy bread, condiments all absorbed, limp lettuce. Just the thought of it makes me squirm.

Since the requester of this post is into experimenting with food, I’ll share a quick and easy sandwich that I love. This sammy is great because it hits all of the parts of your palette, but it takes less than five minutes, even including frying the bacon.


  • Get the best possible French bread you can put your hands on and diagonally cut a six-inch length of it; split it open.
  • Fry three to four pieces of really thick cut bacon and pat dry with some paper towels; a smoky bacon or one trimmed with black peppercorn will work, but I don’t recommend a maple-y flavored one, as this sandwich has other sweet elements.
  • Spread both sides of the bread with some nice, tangy soft cheese. Fromage blanc is my preference, but goat cheese or even a thin layer of cream cheese will work great.
  • Layer the bottom half of the bread with the bacon and give it a light drizzle of honey. Get yourself some awesome local, floral scented honey. I use it in everything.
  • Now, layer on some sliced pears or apples. Any crisp variety is terrific; just choose whatever you like or have on hand.
  • Top that with a good handful of arugula for a nice spicy bite that will cut the sweetness of the honey and fruit, as well as the sourness of the cheese.


  • Place the top half of the bread and give the whole thing a gentle press. Dig in. So, so good. I kinda wish I was eating one now.


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