ENTJ. And, for the record, not just E, 100% E. As in, 100% extrovert. I am off the charts E.

I don’t just like people. I love people. I am obsessed with people. I think they’re fascinating. I think they’re amazing. I think they’re largely predictable and occasionally surprising. I think they are endlessly engaging.

I will do anything with the right people. AN.Y.THING.

Wedding hats

I spent many years working for a moving company. A crazy, coo-coo, whackadoodle moving company. A place where you can fall sleep under the CEO’s desk and when he catches you, instead of being punished, he’d insist on finding you a scored (a free give away from a moving customer) luxury mattress (because clearly you’re sleep deprived), but then tell everyone behind your back that you suffer from chronic narcolepsy (and it’s probably a result of your mother being a domineering bitch). If you think a single word of that is made up or cannot possibly be true, I invite you to pay a visit to the East Cambridge/Somerville line and look for a battalion of purple trucks. You’ll see that this is entirely accurate and the established norm.

There were a lot things that made me want to take a hostage while working there. Once, after a particularly insane and frustrating conversation with said CEO, I simply walked out the door. I left his office, went to my desk to get my bag, looked at my cube neighbor (in fact, the one who requested this post) straight in the face and said, “I’m leaving.” I’m pretty sure that, until 9 am the following morning, he was unsure if I meant for good or not.

But I did come back. Again and again. For over 2,500 days. I worked there for over seven years, because – despite the sheer lunacy that ruled most of our days – I worked with the finest people on earth. Funny people. Caring people. Smart, driven people. Real human beings who would swear and fight and love and demand what was right. I look back with nothing but a warm heart and twinge of sadness that most of them are still there and I no longer take part.

I will do anything with the right people. And, lucky me, I got to spend nearly a decade working, laughing, arguing, stressing, and creating a lot of good with lots of the right people. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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